The UK Bass Music show on Sub FM with Lara & Nikki

Lara and I host a monthly slot on internet radio station, Sub FM where we curate the UK Bass Music show representing music we love and write about on our blog,

Whilst we're still starting out and getting used to the technicals (neither of us are DJs) the idea of being able to present some of the amazing music we get sent to our listeners is what helps crack the initial nerves... it's about the music and the spreading of the love first and foremost, we also stream our faces live over on facebook each show to increase the reach of the sounds.

You can lock in every 4 Monday's (next one 11th Jan 2018) and in the meantime you can listen or watch back the shows and appreciate this sick music with us.

Fancy writing for a music blog?

Are you the type of person who, when you discover a sick track, video, album etc. that you just want to share that beauty with anyone who would remotely appreciate it's worth?

Or are you a budding journalist with a keen interest in electronic music be that dubstep, house, techno, drum & bass and anything in between and would like to build up your online profile as a respected writer?

Whether you're either, or both, I run a music blog and am looking for you to come and join our team.

You don't need to be a whizz at computers or web stuff, you just need to have a passion for spreading the good word of amazing music out there and sharing it with our readers.

You'll receive your own profile which you will link to your social networks to start building your own following and most importantly you'll be a part of a team sharing our ethos of promoting bass culture.

If you're interested, drop me a line and let's talk.

Is reality a simulation?

Jim Carrey has been all over social media news recently but this time not for his acting, in fact, quite the opposite. It's his lack of 'acting' or rather his shedding of character (ego) that has hit the timelines where he has been sharing his 'existential discoveries' in places that perhaps in the most opposing settings for such deep disclosures.
New York Fashion week was the scene he decided to let it all out, throwing out philosophical views and physics theories to explain subtly his understandings of reality toward an unexpecting presenter who didn't know where to look whilst Jim educated (or scared) her considerably. 

On a scale of 1 to 3000, with 3000 being ultimate understanding I'd say I'm at about a 2320 when it come to Jim's explanations. 
Coincidentally* a few weeks prior to this occurrence I came across an online doc named, 'Is Reality a Simulation' by Quantum Gravity Research group (highly recommend). Within this fascinating do…

Importance of human connection

Each day we connect with others, a brief smile, a glance, a full-blown conversation and everything in between; each of these moments are incredibly important to our life-experience and often overlooked. 
Human connection is magical. 
Human energy exchange through any of the senses can and does so often reflect to us the parts of us we love, or not. Every single person and every individual situation is a reflection of who we are at that current second... either use it as a mirror, disconnect and allow it to be the tool it is meant to be, a growth awareness reflection.. or, subscribe to the emotion it drums up in us, be a victim, either to the 'negative' or the 'positive'. You choose. You ALWAYS choose.

Copenhagen in Oct - looking for recommendations

In October we're off to the Dane's capital of Copenhagen for a short break based around the Sigur Ros concert at Forum (excited!) so if anyone has any recommendations of food, drink, activities, shopping (clothes/records) please fling them my way!

UKBassMusic is back online

Some years ago, Lara and I spent months (+ the rest) setting up - it was an all-singing, all-dancing interactive magazine with interviews, reviews, event listings, videos, mixes and so much more relating to the scene(s) we love within Electronic Music. 
We ran it, successfully for over a year, providing amazing content for our readers from a dedicated team of writers and it naturally grew in popularity and respect by the day. Unfortunately we had to bed the site due to some technical issues and it laid dormant for around 3 years until we could work out how we could manage such a workload in a productive way ensuring to not skimp on quality of content. 
Well, it's back. It's in it's infancy at the moment, so come and join us for the ride. 
We've uploaded all the UKBMixes here - which I'm currently listening through and reminding myself of. Some bangers in there.