Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Importance of human connection

Each day we connect with others, a brief smile, a glance, a full-blown conversation and everything in between; each of these moments are incredibly important to our life-experience and often overlooked. 

Human connection is magical. 

Human energy exchange through any of the senses can and does so often reflect to us the parts of us we love, or not. Every single person and every individual situation is a reflection of who we are at that current second... either use it as a mirror, disconnect and allow it to be the tool it is meant to be, a growth awareness reflection.. or, subscribe to the emotion it drums up in us, be a victim, either to the 'negative' or the 'positive'. You choose. You ALWAYS choose. 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Copenhagen in Oct - looking for recommendations

In October we're off to the Dane's capital of Copenhagen for a short break based around the Sigur Ros concert at Forum (excited!) so if anyone has any recommendations of food, drink, activities, shopping (clothes/records) please fling them my way!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

UKBassMusic is back online

Some years ago, Lara and I spent months (+ the rest) setting up UKBassMusic.com - it was an all-singing, all-dancing interactive magazine with interviews, reviews, event listings, videos, mixes and so much more relating to the scene(s) we love within Electronic Music. 

We ran it, successfully for over a year, providing amazing content for our readers from a dedicated team of writers and it naturally grew in popularity and respect by the day. Unfortunately we had to bed the site due to some technical issues and it laid dormant for around 3 years until we could work out how we could manage such a workload in a productive way ensuring to not skimp on quality of content. 

Well, it's back. It's in it's infancy at the moment, so come and join us for the ride. 

We've uploaded all the UKBMixes here - which I'm currently listening through and reminding myself of. Some bangers in there. 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

I'm a Junglist

That first sight of the Amazon (Jungle & River) from the plane was such an intensely overwhelming moment. Even now I'm still in disbelief that we're actually here, it feels like a dream! I definitely maybe did a little cry when we saw the beautifully green rainforest from a distance.

We had been told by the retreat that a taxi would collect us from Iquitos airport, and under no circumstance to get into any other unauthorised taxi so we found the guy holding the card with our names on and he led the way to the 'taxi'.

Now, this was a clear indicator of just how conditioned my mind is to certain 'luxuries' in life because can you imagine the look on our faces when this was our taxi?

What an adventure!

After dropping our stuff off we had a little tour of Iquitos with one of the 'tour guides' who honed in on us whilst we were admiring the Amazon close up (we learned this was a perfect place for them to pick up wandering Gringos) walking through a market, a shaman market (where we picked up some coca leaves and mosquito repellent - wow they do not let up round there!), the high street (where Ross managed to leave his bank card in the ATM machine never to be retrieved) and sat and had lunch in an Ayahuasca diet friendly restaurant on the bank of the river.

We returned and set off in Stacy's 4x4 to the retreat, collecting 2 other passeneros en route. Stacy owns Dreamglade, he's from London and moved out here around ten years ago, unsurprisingly as the place is beautiful and full of opportunity. On the journey we learned exactly why the 4x4 was necessary... The place is well, well off the beaten track, we bumped and got stuck several times, massive holes and big ramps whilst getting into thicker and thicker jungle. In a Jeep with 3 strangers the trust levels were necessarily high. We were sunburnt, tired, partially eaten alive (already) by the mozzies yet the excitement overtook all of that... Bring it on Dreamglade! 

Here's some snaps from our time at the retreat, I'll update on our activities there soon!


Monday, 27 March 2017

2 Nights in Lima... Rainforest incoming

We've now been here 2 nights, arriving late Friday night and are already saying goodbye to our first Airbnb apartment, £40 per night for a huge place in an incredibly interesting neighbourhood named  Lince.

It's difficult to explain the culture at first glance, as whilst having some similarities to London (obviously as it is a capital City) there are also vast differences. I'm not going to claim to be an expert, nor that my upcoming experiences won't change my initial point of view, we've been here 48 hours and are in holiday mode, both conditions make it unfair to expect a full rounded view so I'll say this; Lima is SUCH A VIBRANT PLACE!

There is lots of poverty in Lince, it's everywhere you look and at first thought you'd think that is a bad thing, yet I am maybe seeing this from innocent/ignorant eyes but it seems to have brought people together (?) it's Summer here so I'm sure that helps but everywhere you look there is a group of people young or old socialising, laughing, playing, sharing with each other and generally enjoying life. I'm not disregarding what I've mentioned above, I'm a newbie, this could all be face value but so far it doesn't feel that way, it feels...nice. 

No one speaks English here so that has been interesting and kinda fun! My grasp of the Spanish language is coming along well and if we hit communication stalemate with a native we just shrug and look cute and it's got us out of some awkward situations so far. 

Oh and ceviche is amazing! I never thought I'd say I enjoyed a dish which involves raw fish but my god it's good! And so cheap too, £3 for 2 meals plus soft drinks.

Also, we are consistently stared at (blonde hair, bright red skin thanks to 34 degrees yesterday so, obviously foreign) and people keep shouting 'Gringo' at us in attempt to have us buy something from them, still can't work out if that's an offensive term or not.

Now we're off to Iquitos in the Amazon rainforest, no internet for a week... Vamos!  

Ps for more pics follow me on Instagram 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Hasta Luego Peru!

Having been on my Bucket list for several years I'm finally on my way to visit the beautiful country of Peru.

As I write this I am 35,000 feet in the air above somewhere in France en route to our stop over in Madrid and surprisingly, I'm pretty chilled considering this recent onset of flying fear in my later years so I'm doing pretty well.

The mystical ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu was the reason the destination first appealed to me all those years ago, there's something that seems so magical about that place, (plus Llamas, who wouldn't want to meet those?) and since then the appeal has developed more depth. 

Ross and I will be stopping at Lima briefly before flying to Iquitos, a city located in the North East of Peru and within the Amazon rainforest (which you can still not reach by road!). More recently, Iquitos has been named the 'Ayahuasca Capital of the World' so on top of visiting La Isla De Mono (Monkey Island) we will be participating as 'passeneros' in a few ceremonies with a Shaman. 

And that's just the start!

Today I have learned that the 'Just do it' attitude really works with conquering a fear of flying and also there is a place in France called 'Brest'

Friday, 17 February 2017


Today was Peachy and I's annual meet up. 

Peachy is one of those friends who gets it. I'm blessed to have such a beautiful person in my life. She's one of my main examples of not having to have known each other years, nor even know most things about, but when you're together it clicks. No need or time for idol chit chat to cure any silences, no filler-convo. All meaningful, all relevant, all heartfelt and all perfect. Perfectly timed and perfectly executed. Plus we eat cake and drink tea. 

We may see each other only twice a year, but just knowing she's out there existing makes my happiness more complete. 


Join Peachy on her blog here.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Today I Rise - Inspirational poem

I'm not normally one to endorse 'woman power' as I feel forcing the issue does nothing for equality, in fact quite the opposite sometimes, but this poem got me. It is empowering to either gender, a reminder of your potential, influence and worth. Enjoy.x

Today I Rise from Blaze of Grace on Vimeo.

Wiley & Devlin - Bring Them all / Holy Grime

Two insanely good lyricists of our day

Friday, 4 November 2016

Bonobo is back with a new single

Simon Green is back once again and to say I'm excited is an understatement.

I absolutely love Bonobo, up there with my favourites, he generally provides warm melodies partnered with garage-y beats with this new one supplying the expected goods as per.

'Kerala' is the first single taken from his album 'Migration' due in Jan '17, the video meditates on a pretty deep subject whilst being as hypnotic as his video for Cirrus.

Enjoy it as much as I have x

Thursday, 8 September 2016

The greatest speech ever made. RELEVANT

The first time I heard/watched this speech which is a piece from a film named 'The Dictator', acted by Charlie Chaplin, I cried. That kind of overwhelmed with hope kind of crying, the kind of crying which, for just one second, reminds you of your natural human oneness, your true potential. 

That kind of hope that gets chipped away by doubt and distraction and routine each day, that kind of hope that is replaced by the false belief that there is nothing we can do to improve this current situation in the world. I'm not saying I live in poverty and I'm not ungrateful enough to realise that I am in an incredible fortunate position sat here with my electricity and warmth and clean water but, do you ever just think, things really should be easier than this? 

This speech is beautiful, Moving. I hope it evokes a sense of what I feel each time I watch it, cos it makes me feel alive and when I feel alive I feel unstoppable.x

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

#MusicMondays: Eone6 & NinthDelta UKBMix 029

Providing a bit of variety, for this week's non-Monday Music Monday I wanted to highlight this superb mix from my talented other half, NinthDelta and his partner in crime, Eone6.

Compiled earlier this year, the guys slaved over the decks for hours on end putting together a lovely little mix for UK Bass Music. Featuring the likes of Robert Hood, Hodge and my personal favourite from the Dub Techno scene, Rhythm & Sound. The movement in this set makes it a perfect commuting, chilling or getting ready for a night out accompaniment.

Enjoy with me x

and for more, follow him on Mixcloud & Twitter

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

House hunting

Why is the income vs rent ratio in London an actual joke?! that's a rhetorical question, because for those of you who don't live in London you may not know that to get a habitable, non disease-infested, pokey little One bedroom flat in or around zones 3-4 in London you are looking at spending no less than £1,000 pcm. That's not including bills.

Crazy, right?

If you're a couple, it's affordable, sure, but as a single person you're generally confined to a House share which, by the way, I've seen a double ROOM advertised at £1,200 pcm whilst searching. And no outside space!

I'm searching inside myself to try and turn this unrealistic situation into a positive, as you know you're not going to get anything in life unless you believe it's realistic at least, so, I am on the hunt, preferably for a decent sized studio or 1 bedroom property with some form of outside space or ground floor at least (for the smoker visitors)- will consider house shares too (with sane, cool people) for around £800 pcm in SW london pref Brixton and the surrounding areas.I'm clean and tidy, I own a SNES, I love music and am not a fan of TV. The hunt is on.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

The journey continues...

For most of my adult life, at least as long as I can remember I've had this strong attraction to the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu high up in the mountains in Cusco, Peru, South America. I didn't know anything about it apart from seeing beautiful images and developed a knowing that one day I would love to experience it. It's been on my Google doc-based bucket list for quite some time now.

We have these dreams, these wishes that you say 'one day' about, don't we? Then life kinda swirls us up into the routine that our Western culture programs into us and we either forget about these 'dreams' or we keep them in the 'one day' pile stuck behind our mounds of distractive escapism and binge-filled weekends and I have become so conscious over the years of not wanting to stagnate, you know, I'm not saying we can't enjoy those routines, the comfort they provide has a lot of use, especially in certain periods of life but I just can't help thinking that the majority of our life-parts just kind of happen. we just... fall into them, unconsciously, and then one day, if we're lucky, we wake up and think, 'is this really what I want? Is this really making me happy?' and once we ask that question it changes everything. why? Because by asking that question it brings the current situation into the conscious forefront of our mind and that gives us the power of choice.

Choice is such a powerful thing. So powerful, yet people overlook it, or they think they don't have a choice in their current situation, their future, their career, their friends etc. etc. When we realise we have choice, that's when we can really start to make a difference to ourselves and our reality. 

My boyfriend and I have just booked flights to Peru. Life started getting a bit stagnant.

oh. and a 5 day Ayahuasca retreat too. We're only on this Earth once, right? 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016